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Livestock Scale Assembly Kit 2,5k lb - 5K lb, 4 Shear Beam Load Cell, Indicator


Livestock Assembly Kit:

  • 4 Shear Beam Load Cells 2.5k or 5k Lb 3 mV/V.
  • 1 Junction Box WTX4S.
  • 1 Weight Indicator WT3000IR .


Shear Beam Load Cell Datasheet

Weight Indicator WT3000P PDF 

WTX4S Junction Box PDF 

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  • Livestock Scale Assembly Kit, 4 Shear Beam Load Cell 2.5K or 5K lb, Weight Indicator, Junction Box. 

    The Shear Beam Load cell Zemic H8C alloy steel is a good choice for the replacement load cell. Especially if you're having trouble locating your favorite load cell brand in stock. It's similar to Revere 5123, HBM B35, Tedea 3420/3421, Celtron SQB, Sensortronics 65023, Coti CG-23, Artech 30310, Rice Lake RL35023/39123, Totalcomp TSB, Transcell SBS.

    The Weight Indicator WT3000IR is a precise indicator with our custom stabilization process to give you the weight reading even with the angriest animal, and with up to 10000 divisions, IP68 protection, and includes a built-in RS232 port.

    The WTX4S junction box is designed to withstand the elements and keep sensitive electronics protected in multiple-load cell systems with 4 load cells.

    This Kit you will receive:

    Livestock Scale Assembly Kit, 4 Shear Beam Load Cell, Indicator:

    • 4 Shear Beam Load Cells Zemic 2.5K or 5k Lb.
    • 1 Junction Box WTX4S.
    • 1 Digital Weight Indicator WT3000IR.