Systec IT2000M BAG Fill Control for Automatic Bagging Systems


  • Single bags or batches can be filled in semi or fully automatic operation.
  • Compact module for the installation on DIN rail with integrated display/keyboard
  • Power-fail-safe storage of data
  • Simple and secure operation
Plug-on module with:
  • 8 digital inputs (24 V, 7 mA, optoisolated) 
  • 8 digital outputs (24 V, 500 mA, optoisolated, short-circuit proof)

  • Description
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  • Systec IT2000M BAG Fill Control for Automatic Bagging Systems

    IT2000M BAG is a universal fill control for use in gravity-fill applications of bulk material into bags as automatic filling instrument (AGFI). Single bags or batches can be filled in semi or fully automatic operation. Also selectable is gross or net mode. 

    • Maximum throughput through fast signal processing with efficient digital filtering
    • Accurate fill control through fast acting trend-sensing preact adjustment and weight tolerance control
    • High operational security through extensive monitoring functions and simple operator control
    • Module with 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs 500 mA

    IT2000M BAG controls the filling process via screw feeders, sliding gates or vibratory feeders. Optionally, bag clamps and the movement of bags onto and off the scale can be controlled.

    Simple Integration

    • Stand-alone or remote-controlled operation possible
    • Accept, Start, Interrupt functions are possible from external switches
    • Freely configurable I/Os.

    Simple and secure operation

    • Operator is guided on a high-contrast display, with symbols for scale status and with keys for taring, zero setting, and  other functions
    • Display of remaining quantity, bags/h, mean value, standard deviation, total weight, bag counter or target weight
    • Data word monitor
    • Bag clamp control with discharge flap check
    • Up to 99 products with pertaining values for target weight, weight tolerance etc. can be stored against a 2-digit ident number.

    Bag filling in gross or net mode 

    • Product selection – input of target weight (number of bags or total weight)
    • Ready status – start filling
    • Tare check and/or automatic taring
    • Filling with 1 or 2 speeds
    • Tolerance weight check and automatic preact adjustment 
    • End of sequence, ready for next filling cycle
    • Adjustment of preact values during operation.