Weightech WTBT-BR Bluetooth Weighing Transmitter


  • Cattle weighing function
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Easy to calibrate and configure using the free WTBT-BR Cal and WTBT Android APPs.
  • IP65 degree of protection
  • Provides 2 RS232 serial ports integrated into the equipment, for connection with ear tag readers and remote displays
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  • Weightech WTBT-BR Bluetooth Weighing Transmitter

    Your Reliable Weighing Companion for Every Task

    Discover the WTBT-BR, a dependable weighing data transmitter designed to simplify your processes while delivering accurate results. With a focus on practicality and performance, this device is here to enhance your weighing experience.

    Effortless Setup and Precision: Calibrating and configuring the WTBT-BR is straightforward, thanks to the user-friendly Android apps, WTBT Cal and WTBT. Say goodbye to complicated procedures and enjoy precise measurements with ease.

    Built to Withstand: Crafted from durable polycarbonate material, the WTBT-BR is built to endure various environments. Its IP65 protection rating ensures it can handle tough conditions while maintaining its reliability.

    Versatile Adaptability: Link up to 4 load cells with 350Ω resistance each, arranged in parallel, for flexible weighing solutions. From industrial applications to specific scenarios, the WTBT-BR adjusts to your needs.

    Clear Insights at a Glance: Stay informed effortlessly with three LED indicators that signal low load, successful Bluetooth connection, and calibration status. Keep a clear view of your progress.

    Efficient Bluetooth Connectivity: Experience efficient Bluetooth data transmission that's simple to calibrate. The auto-zero function enhances accuracy, and adjustable digital filters provide customization options.

    Continuous Performance: Equipped with an internal rechargeable battery, the WTBT-BR ensures consistent operation. Bid farewell to interruptions and stay productive.

    Seamless Integration: Benefit from two integrated RS232 serial ports, designed for easy connection to ear tag readers and remote displays. Enjoy improved control and convenience.

    Tailored for Agriculture: Explore the specialized livestock weighing function, making the WTBT-BR a valuable tool for agricultural tasks.

    Upgrade your weighing processes with the reliability of the WTBT-BR. Experience simplicity, accuracy, and adaptability like never before. Whether you're in the field of agriculture, industry, or more, the WTBT-BR is your practical weighing solution. Elevate your approach today!


    Download WTBT-BR Datasheet