WeightechUSA WT120 Precision Counting Scale

  • Precise Counting: Advanced algorithm for accurate results.
  • Mobile Powerhouse: 120-hour battery life for unmatched mobility.
  • User-Friendly: Simple operation with 10 pre-set weights for convenience.
  • Memory Efficiency: Stores weights and quantities effortlessly.
  • Durable Performance: Stable design for reliable, long-lasting use.

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  • Discover the Precision of WT120 Counting Scale

    Step into the world of counting excellence with the WT120, a counting scale meticulously crafted to redefine your counting experience. Let's delve into its advanced features:

    • Precise Algorithm: Engage in counting tasks with utmost accuracy, thanks to the WT120's sophisticated algorithm that ensures precise and reliable counting results, eliminating the margin for error.
    • Backlight Display: Immerse yourself in unparalleled visibility. The scale boasts three LCD displays with a backlight feature, providing crystal-clear readability of weight, unit weight per piece, and quantity of pieces in any lighting condition.
    • Stable and Durable: Embrace the dependability of a scale designed for the long haul. The WT120 is not just a device; it's a commitment to stability and durability, ensuring consistent and reliable performance over time.
    • Simple and Easy Operation: Experience the ease of counting like never before. The WT120 is designed for straightforward and user-friendly operation, streamlining your counting tasks and making the entire process efficient and hassle-free.
    • Great Mobility: Unleash the power of mobility with the WT120. Its internal battery propels it into action, granting you the freedom to use it in various locations without being tethered to a constant power source.
    • Memory Slot for 10 Pre-set Single Weights: Elevate your efficiency by utilizing the scale's memory slot, capable of storing up to 10 pre-set single weights. Access your frequently used weights with the convenience of a button press.
    • Automatic Linearity Compensation: Navigate through temperature variations effortlessly. The WT120 is equipped with automatic linearity compensation, ensuring your measurements stay on track regardless of environmental changes.
    • Selectable Sampling Speed: Tailor the scale's performance to your specific needs. The selectable sampling speed puts you in control, allowing you to choose the speed that aligns with your counting requirements.
    • Battery or AC Power Supply: Enjoy the flexibility of power options. The WT120 can be powered by a rechargeable battery (6V/4Ah) for on-the-go usage or through an AC power supply for continuous operation.
    • LED Low Battery Level Indicator and Battery Charging Level Indicator: Stay informed about your power status. LED indicators illuminate the way, alerting you to low battery levels and providing a clear view of the battery charging status.
    • 6V/4Ah Rechargeable Battery: Unleash extended usage with the robust 6V/4Ah rechargeable battery, offering an impressive 120 hours of continuous operation before requiring a recharge.
    • Full Scale Tare Function, Automatic Zero Capture, Pre-tare: Simplify your measurement processes with the scale's comprehensive functions. From taring to automatic zero capture and pre-taring, every feature is designed to enhance your efficiency.
    • Audible Alarm Programming: Personalize your experience with programmable audible alarms. Set alerts for specific weight and quantity values, adding a layer of customization to your counting procedures.
    • Accumulator Memory for Weight and Quantity of Pieces: Say goodbye to manual tracking. The scale comes equipped with an accumulator memory, effortlessly storing weight values and the quantity of counted pieces for seamless tracking and management.
    • Low Battery Level Indication: Enjoy uninterrupted counting. The WT120 diligently notifies you when the battery is running low, ensuring you're always aware and prepared for any power-related situation.
    • Resolution: Immerse yourself in precision. The scale operates with a high resolution of 3,000 divisions, coupled with an internal resolution of 1/300,000 for the A/D converter, ensuring accuracy in every measurement.
    • Average Weight Per Piece: Let the scale do the math for you. Whether automatically or manually determined, the WT120 calculates the average weight per piece, adding an extra layer of convenience to your counting tasks.

    Invest in the WT120 Counting Scale for a counting experience that transcends expectations, combining accuracy, durability, and efficiency in one powerful device.

    Download WT120 Datasheet