WeightechUSA WT120 Precision Counting Scale

  • Precise Counting: Advanced algorithm for accurate results.
  • Mobile Powerhouse: 120-hour battery life for unmatched mobility.
  • User-Friendly: Simple operation with 10 pre-set weights for convenience.
  • Memory Efficiency: Stores weights and quantities effortlessly.
  • Durable Performance: Stable design for reliable, long-lasting use.
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  • Discover the Precision of WT120 Counting Scale

    Step into the world of counting excellence with the WT120, a counting scale meticulously crafted to redefine your counting experience. Let's delve into its advanced features: The WT120 Counting Scale is a cutting-edge solution designed for precision, efficiency, and versatility in various industrial and commercial applications. It features a sophisticated algorithm for accurate and reliable counting, with three large backlit LCD displays for excellent readability in any lighting condition.

    Built for longevity, the WT120 offers exceptional stability and durability, making it ideal for demanding environments. Its user-friendly design streamlines operations, saving time and reducing errors. The internal rechargeable battery provides great mobility, allowing for use in different locations without a constant power source. The memory slot can store up to 10 pre-set single weights for quick access.

    Automatic linearity compensation adjusts for temperature variations, ensuring consistent accuracy. Selectable sampling speeds allow you to tailor performance to your needs. The scale operates on a rechargeable 6V/4Ah battery for up to 120 hours or through an AC power supply for continuous use. LED indicators keep you informed about low battery and charging status.

    The WT120 includes comprehensive tare functions, automatic zero capture, and pre-tare, simplifying measurement processes. Programmable audible alarms and accumulator memory enhance usability by tracking weight and piece quantity without manual effort. With high resolution (3,000 divisions, 1/300,000 internal), the WT120 ensures precise measurements. It also calculates the average weight per piece, adding convenience to your counting tasks.

    Overall, the WT120 Counting Scale delivers reliable, efficient, and versatile performance, making it an essential tool for accurate counting in any application.

    Invest in the WT120 Counting Scale for a counting experience that transcends expectations, combining accuracy, durability, and efficiency in one powerful device.

    Download WT120 Datasheet