WeightechUSA WT6000 BAG Fill Control for Automatic Bagging Systems


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  • WT6000/IT6000 IP69K Weight Indicator
  • Single bags or batches can be filled in semi or fully automatic operation
  • Maximum throughput through fast signal processing with efficient digital filtering
  • Accurate fill control through fast acting trend-sensing preact adjustment and weight tolerance control
  • Digital interfaces / Modbus TCP
  • Analog output (option)
  • High operational security through extensive monitoring functions and simple operator control
  • Recording of all data of single bags or batches with optional hardcopy printout and/or data transfer.
  • Relay module, 8I/O-RS485-HS-24VDC
  • 8 x relay output, 8 x optoisolated input 24 V DC, installation on DIN rail, external power supply unit 24 V DC required (not included).

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  • WeightechUSA WT6000 BAG Fill Control for Automatic Bagging Systems

    Introducing the WT6000E BAG, a versatile automatic filling control (AGFI) designed for gravity-fill applications of bulk materials into bags. This advanced controller seamlessly connects to various load cells or scales, accommodating a wide range of weight capacities, including those required for Ex-area applications. Whether utilizing floor scales, built-in scales, or tension load cells, the WT6000E BAG offers unparalleled flexibility. Operating in semi or fully automatic mode, users can select between gross or net mode, ensuring precise filling every time. Available in two styles—a compact stainless steel enclosure for convenient desk or wall mounting, or a panel-mount version—the WT6000E BAG is equipped with essential features for optimal performance.

    Experience maximum throughput facilitated by fast signal processing with efficient digital filtering, guaranteeing accurate fill control through trend-sensing preact adjustment and weight tolerance control. With extensive monitoring functions and straightforward operator controls, operational security is paramount. Record and track data effortlessly, whether it's single bags or batches, with optional hardcopy printouts and/or data transfers.

    The WT6000E BAG revolutionizes the filling process by controlling screw feeders, sliding gates, or vibratory feeders. Optional features include controlling bag clamps and managing bag movement onto and off the scale. Operation is intuitive via a clear operator display, ensuring fast, error-free performance with minimal training required.

    Benefit from fast and precise filling, thanks to features like fast signal processing, automatic trendsensing preact optimization, and W&M approved resolution. Capture all relevant data effortlessly, including total weight, number of fillings, and out-of-tolerance fillings, with optional entry, printout, and transmission capabilities for application-related data.

    Safety and security are prioritized with power-fail-safe data storage, password protection, and a battery-backed real-time clock. Integration is seamless, supporting stand-alone or remote-controlled operation, with monitoring functions such as bag rupture check and tolerance check enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

    Simplify operation with guided instructions on a high-contrast color TFT display and a numeric keyboard with multiple key assignments for alphanumeric data entry. Customize sequences and operations as needed, storing up to 99 products with respective values for target weight and weight tolerance.

    The WT6000E BAG's weighing electronics boast an integrated signal amplifier, supporting connection to up to 16 strain gauge load cells in 4- or 6-wire mode. With various connectivity options—including Ethernet, serial interfaces, USB, and Modbus TCP—integration with existing systems is seamless.

    Operating within a wide temperature range, the WT6000E BAG is designed to deliver reliable performance in diverse environments. Whether filling in gross or net mode, the operation process is streamlined, from product selection to statistical data capture. Experience efficient bag filling with the WT6000E BAG, revolutionizing your filling processes with precision and reliability.