WT8000 Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller IP69K

  • Custom programmable in C language
  • Connects up to 4 scales in the same unit,
  • Stainless steel washdown housing with IP69K - NEMA 4X protection
  • Customizable graphical color display
  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface
  • Update rate selectable 50–800 updates / second
  • USB 2.0 host interface to connect PC keyboard, printer, or USB stick
  • Ready to connect to relay cards with up to 64 I/Os
  • Works with different application as Batching, Filling, Checkweigher, Belt Scale, Truck Scale
  • Option to communicate with Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet IP protocols
  • NTEP Certified

Programmable controller WT8000 PDF Data Sheet

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  • WT8000 Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller

    Universal use

    The WT8000 is designed for demanding industrial applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in the food industry and in many other sectors of industry. The industrial design with the powerful modular hardware and the concept of free programmability makes the WT8000 controller the ideal weighing terminal for standard or application-specific solutions, e.g. for:

    • Concrete batching
    • Filling and batching systems
    • Checkweighers
    • Totalizing bulkweighers
    • Vehicle / axle weighing
    • Belt Scale
      Automatic and manual batching system
    With up to 4 scales, management of raw materials and recipes, fast and accurate multi-component two-speed batching, with pre-act optimization, or manual batching with bargraph display and indication of remaining quantity, control of process steps (via I/Os or Profibus DP), printing of batch protocol, material statistics, optional download of recipes over network, storage of batch results in the network.
      Bulkweighing controller 
    For shipping and receiving of bulk material via trucks, freight cars or ships, with product files and control of silos, remote control possible via fieldbus (e.g. Profibus DP).
      Checkweighing scale
    Fast capturing of weights from scales with belt or roller conveyors, in continuous or start/stop operation, classification of test objects in 5 tolerance zones, control of rejecters or pushers possible, optional connection to printer for price labeling, with product and statistics file.
      Sample scale in compliance with the Regulations For Prepackaged Goods
    Capturing and printout of statistical data for 250 products on 20 production lines, check by weight or volume, with entry of additional data.
      Parts counting terminal
    Capturing of piece weight via reference scale, parts counting in weigh-in or weigh-out mode, bargraph display, configurable printout and data transmission, with article file, item counter, memory for totals, automatic taring, plus/minus check and many more functions.
      Truck scale with custom database 
    First, second and single-pass weighing, file management for address and product data, internal W&M approved data archive, configurable print format, switching / summing function for platforms, optional connection of transponder card readers, remote displays, traffic lights and full-size PC keyboard.

    Weighing electronics

    Connection to scales with analog strain gauge load cells, entry impedance 43 Ohm–3.3 kOhm (e.g. suitable for 8 x 350 Ohm load cells), or via zener barriers, entry impedance 87.5 Ohm–3.3 kOhm (e.g. suitable for 4 x 350 Ohm load cells), W&M approved resolution of up to 6,000 d at a max. of 80 % preload, internal resolution 524,000 d, update rate selectable 50–800 updates / second, smallest load cell signal 0.33 mV/e. Optional switching and summing function. Option: connection of scale platforms with digital force transducers.

    Free programmability

    Comprehensive, PC-based program development and test environment. Complete software development and test / simulation possible on PC.

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