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Dinamica Generale Feeding Monitoring DG500-4CSPM Weight Indicator


  • Component consumption counterweight 
  • 24 Recipes, 18 components each (from a list of 48 components)
  • 24 Distribution programs with 18 distribution points for each program (from a list of 48 distribution points)
  • Service function with overload recorder and working time counter
  • Compatible with the DTM Daily TMR Manager Software Advanced Version
  • Connection for 4 Load cells

  • Description
  • Additional Information
  • Dinamica Generale Feeding Monitoring DG500 Weight Indicator

    The wide range of weight indicators offers integrated functionality and different options based on the performance required. The DG500 is a Programmable weight indicator for small and medium farms, ideal for Mixer and feeder wagons, operating bovine nutrition, input recipes for feeding animals, and ideal weight indicator for rationing system for cattle.

    • Scalable, flexible range designed for any feeding applications requirement (trailed or self-propelled feed mixer, stationary feed mixer, automatic feeding system, etc...)
    • Balanced price-performance ratio 
    • Minimization of downtimes thanks to integrated monitoring and diagnostics
    • Multi-language intuitive user interface (all EU languages, Chinese, Russian, etc...)
    • IP68 protection
    • Direct replacement for Digistar and Avery Weigh-tronix weight indicators
    • Perfect for Mixer and Feeder machinery
    • Works with Triolet, Kuhn Knight, Penta Equipment, Rovibec Agrisolutions, Valmetal, JBS Equipment, Patz Corp. equipment

    DG500 PDF Datasheet