Laumas TLS Digital-Analog Weight Transmitter


  • 16-bit Analog output: 0/4-20 mA; 0-5/10 V; ±5/10 V
  • RS485 port (Modbus RTU/Laumas ASCII protocol) *Included in all models
  • 2 logic inputs, 2 optorelays logic outputs
  • Mounting on Omega/DIN rail for back panel or junction box
  • Box versions: IP67, IP67 ATEX II 3GD
  • A/D converter 24bit (16000000 points) 80 Hz
  • Display range 999999
  • Description
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  • Laumas TLS Digital-Analog Weight Transmitter

    Laumas TLS seamlessly integrates with a range of systems and devices, supporting analog output for PLCs and RS485 communication for connection to PCs and PLCs, accommodating up to 99 instruments with line repeaters. It also interfaces with remote displays via RS485 and allows for the parallel connection of up to 8 load cells through a junction box, ensuring scalability and adaptability.

    To maintain accuracy amidst weight oscillation, the product incorporates a digital filter, while offering both theoretical and real calibration methods with up to 8-point linearization for precise measurements. Basic functionalities like tare weight zero setting, automatic zero setting at power-on, and gross weight zero tracking are seamlessly integrated for operational ease.

    Users benefit from semi-automatic features such as semi-automatic tare (net/gross weight) and preset tare, along with insights provided through displaying the maximum weight value reached (peak). Direct RS485 to RS232 connectivity eliminates the need for converters, simplifying communication setups.

    Adjustable hysteresis and setpoint values ensure precise control over weighing processes, complemented by support for communication protocols such as ModBus RTU, ASCII Laumas, or continuous one-way transmission via the RS485 serial port.

    For accurate measurement outputs, optoisolated analog output (current or voltage) with 16-bit resolution is provided, alongside 2 optorelay outputs controllable via setpoint values or protocols, enhancing automation capabilities.

    Additionally, 2 optoisolated PNP digital inputs enable status reading via serial communication protocols, while dedicated load cell inputs ensure optimized performance and accuracy, meeting the demands of high-precision weighing applications.

    We offer 3 options for analog outputs

    • 0-10V
    • 0-20mA
    • 4-20mA

    Download Laumas TLS Datasheet