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Tedea Aluminum High Capacity Single-Point Load Cell 1250 - 50 kg to 1500 kg

  • Aluminum construction
  • Single-point 800 x 800 mm platform
  • OIML R60 and NTEP approved
  • IP65 protection
  • Available with metric and UNC threads
  • 50kg to 1500 kg

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  • Tedea-Huntleigh Aluminum High Capacity Single-Point Load Cell 1250

    The Model 1250 is a single-point load cell designed for direct mounting of large platforms. The product is a cost-effective load cell for use on counting, weighing, bench or floor scale products

    This high accuracy load cell is approved to OIML R60, NTEP and other stringent approval standards. Suitable for use in hazardous environments, these load cells can be provided with European approval to EEx ia IIC T4 and are FM approved to class I, II, III, Division I. 

    A special humidity-resistant protective coating assures long-term stability over the entire compensated temperature range. The two additional sense wires, sample the bridge supply voltage at the load cell. Complete compensation of change in the lead wires resistance, due to temperature change and/or cable extension, is achieved by feeding this voltage into the appropriate electronics.

    Tedea 1250 Load Cell PDF Data Sheet


    • EEx ia IIC T4 hazardous area approval
    • FM approval available
    • IP67 protection available


    • Large platform scales
    • Hanging scales
    • Check weighing