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WT3 Weight Indicator, Truck Scale, Belt Scale Application, IP69K

  • Bright 5” (13 cm) color screen;
  • Switching And Filling With an optional input/output module two weight thresholds can be monitored;
  • W&M approved resolution of up to 10,000 d;
  • Belt Scale, checkweighing, parts count, filling application;
  • Printout of weights, totals, date, time, stored texts, entered IDs and calculated values;
  • Data Transmission To PC;
  • Weighing data can be stored in an internal W&M approved data archive (only for operating modes BASIC, TRUCK and ONLINE).

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Commercial Material

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    • WT3 Digital Weight Indicator, Truck Scale Application built-in, IP69K

      Digital Weight Indicator WT3 is built in a Stainless steel housing for desk/wall and panel-mount versions, 5" color TFT display (800 x 480 pixels) with a large indication of the weight and one line for operator prompts, numeric keyboard and 5 softkeys, or Blackbox version without display and keyboard. Connection of one or two (max.) scales with analog strain gauge load cells or one scale with one or more digital load cells. Power supply 110–240 VAC or 12–30 V DC or via external battery (12–30 V DC). Cable entry with cable glands or M12 sockets. Scale error log, first weight memory for 99 records, memory for 9 tare values, product parameters, and reference weight values. Integrated web server. Power-fail-safe date and time function.

      Configurable standard software with simple functions:

      • Capturing of weight and saving additional data, print ticket (BASIC), data storage for 9 tare weights,
      • Monitoring of threshold (BASIC), with 2 setpoints,
      • Belt scale application.
      • Parts counting (COUNT), data storage for 9 reference weights,
      • Truck scale (TRUCK and TRUCK/ONLINE), data storage for 99 first weighings, option W&M approved weight storage,
      • Filling (FILL), data storage for 9 products,
      • Checkweighing (CHECK) or
      • Weighing terminal with remote control from PC (ONLINE), optional W&M approved weight storage or
      • Fieldbus weighing terminal (ONLINE OP).

      Socket for:

      • 1 x ADM to connect one scale with analog strain gauge load cells or
      • 1 x DADM to connect two scales with analog strain gauge load cells or
      • 1 x DWB to connect digital load cells (HBM, Flintec or Minebea Intec) or
      • 1 x IDN to connect Mettler-Toledo scales

      2 SIM sockets for one of the following options (one plugged on SIM-ETH3 module):

      • Serial interface (SIM) to connect PC, printer, remote display or reference scale or
      • Ethernet module (SIM-NET) to connect to TCP/IP Ethernet networks/network printer or
      • USB module (SIM-USB) to connect printer or
      • Fast dual-channel incremental sensor DUAL-ISM or
      • I/O module (SIO, 1 I / 2 Os)

      PIM socket for one of the following options:

      • I/O module (PIM / PIM500, 2 Is / 2 Os) or
      • Analog-output module (DAU15)
      • Socket for W&M approved weight storage with the following options:
      • Data archive module (ASM) to record the latest 1,000,000 weighing results.

      Extension socket with factory settings unless otherwise specified: SIM-ETH3 module for additional SIM socket, Blackbox optionally fitted with shift adjust board AJC, alternatively fitted with Fieldbus module:

      • Profinet module (PN3) or Profibus DP module (PB3) or Ethernet/IP module (ET3)

      Protection type / dimensions:

      • Desk/wall version protected to IP69K, dim. incl. mounting bracket W x H x D: 228 x 214 x 124 mm.
      • Panel-mount version with fascia plate IP69K, dimensions W x H x D: 241 x 180 x 47 mm, cutout in panel W x H: 223 x 162 mm.
      • Blackbox version protected to IP69K, dim. W x H x D: 221 x 171 x 64 mm.