Laumas TLB4 Multi-Channel Digital Weight Transmitter


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  • RS485 port (Modbus RTU/Laumas ASCII protocol)
  • 2 logic inputs, 3 relay outputs
  • OIML R76:2006 approved class III, 10000 divis. 0.2μV/VSI
  • OIML R61 - WELMEC Guide 8.8:2011 (M.I.D.)
  • Back panel mounting on Omega/DIN rail
  • A/D converter 24bit (16000000 points) 4.8 kHz
  • Display range 999999
  • Operates as a Junction Box 
  • 4 individuals channels for load cells

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  • Laumas TLB4 Multi-Channel Digital Weight Transmitter 

    The Laumas TLB4 Weight transmitter is suitable for back panel mounting on Omega/DIN rail. Constructed in a space-saving vertical shape, with dimensions: 25x115x120 mm. It has a 6-digit semi-alphanumeric red LED display (8 mm height) and 6 signaling LED. Built with Four buttons for the system calibration and extractable screw terminal blocks, and 4 independent reading channels for load cells (individual load cell monitoring, total weight displaying, digital equalization).  

    Communication Options :

    • RS485 serial port for communication via protocols Modbus RTU
    • 16-bit Analog output: 0/4-20 mA; 0-5/10 V; ±5/10 V
    • CANopen port
    • DeviceNet port
    • CC-Link port
    • PROFIBUS DP port
    • Two PROFINET IO ports
    • Two Ethernet /IP ports
    • Modbus/TCP port
    • Ethernet TCP/IP port for remote management (connectable to your PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. via web)
    • Two EtherCAT ports
    • Two POWERLINK ports
    • Two SERCOS III ports

    Standard Functions:

    • ASCII Laumas bidirectional or continuous one-way transmission.
    • 3 relay outputs controlled by the setpoint values or via protocols.
    • 2 optoisolated PNP digital inputs: status reading via serial communication protocols.
    • 4 load cell dedicated input.

    Connections to:

    • PLC via analog output or Fieldbus;
    • PC/PLC via RS485 (up to 99 instruments with line repeaters, up to 32 without line repeaters);
    • remote display via RS485;
    • up to 8 load cells in parallel by a junction box.

    Main functions:

    • Digital filter to reduce the effects of weight oscillation.
    • Theoretical calibration (via keyboard) and real calibration (with sample weights and the possibility of weight linearization up to 5 points).
    • Tare weight zero setting.
    • Automatic zero setting at power-on.
    • Gross weight zero tracking.
    • Semi-automatic tare (net/gross weight) and preset tare.
    • Semi-automatic zero.
    • Displaying of the maximum weight value reached (peak).
    • Direct connection between RS485 and RS232 without a converter.
    • Hysteresis and setpoint value setting.

    Single Product Program:

    • Settable dosage formula.
    • Automatic fall calculation.
    • Tolerance error control.
    • Precision batching through slow function.
    • Precision batching through tapping function.
    • Consumption storage.
    • Printing of batching data.
    • Alarm contact management.
    • Batching start via external contact or Fieldbus.
    • Autotare at batching start.


    Integrated software in combination with the Ethernet TCP/IP version for remote supervision, management, and control of the instrument.

    TLB4 Datasheet